Unlocking the Mysteries of Pregnancy

The focus of our laboratory is to understand the mechanisms responsible for the onset of labour. We are investigating whether the change in the myometrium from a dormant state to the contractile state that occurs during labour is caused by the activation of genes. The lab has shown that both mechanical signals (due to stretching of the myometrium) and endocrine signals are required to activate a cassette of genes called "contractile-associated proteins" (e.g. C×43 and oxytocin receptor) and initiate labour.

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At a Glance

  • Dr. Stephen Lye uncovers the unknown elements of pre-term birth

  • Dr. Lye is a recognized leader in the field of women's and infants' health and holds the Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary Chair in Women's and Infants' Health Research, as well as the Canada Research Chair in Improvement in Health and Function

  • He created a blood test to differentiate women who will deliver babies prematurely from those who won't 

  • He is currently co-leading the Ontario Birth Study, that examines the impact of genetics and a baby's environment inside the womb to understand how these factors lead to major diseases later in life

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