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Dr. Yeneir Vera Fernandez

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Vera obtained her Medical Degree (MD) from the University of Havana Cuba. She is a cardiologist with extensive experience in family medicine. She also has a master's in child well-being and atherosclerosis. Dr. Vera has been focused on the impact of early human development in healthy life trajectories.

Previously, at the University of Toronto, she was working as a Research Associate at “Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development” (FMIHD). She is the leader of the collaborative research initiative between the Alliance for Human Development and the Ministry of Health in Cuba: “Building bridges to better health”. Dr. Vera organized the 1st Mother-Child symposium CANADA-CUBA and brought together leading clinicians and researchers from both countries to share research innovations in maternal and child health.

Dr. Vera and her team already finished the first research collaborative project around exclusive breastfeeding and she is the leader of the two new research collaborations: WISE trial (an intervention breastfeeding study) in Cienfuegos province and a Cuban National Child Cohort Research Study focuses on the origin of the development of non-communicable diseases (1973-2025).

Dr. Vera is interested in the origin and development of health and chronic diseases (DOHaD) theories. Her research goals are focused on the impact of early life in adulthood and which interventions and policies are effective in optimizing individuals’ chances of developing their full potential. Also, how to optimally communicate this knowledge to stakeholders (policymakers, parents, and professionals).

Dr. Yeneir Vera Fernandez
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