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Dr. Jianhong Zhang

Post-Doctoral Fellow & Research Associate

Dr. Zhang’s research focuses on the development, distribution and function of immune cells in human pregnancy and mouse models. He is interested in evaluating immune regulation at the maternal-fetal interface in normal and pathological pregnancy, particularly in preeclampsia and preterm pregnancy.

Using high throughout flow cytometry, multiplex imaging and RNA sequencing techniques, he investigated the cellular, molecular, genetic responses and signalling network in the placental bed.

Additionally, Dr. Zhang applies machine learning tools to analyze demographic and clinical information over pregnancy to further decipher the linkage between genotype and phenotype of heterogenous preeclampsia. Letting the data speak for themselves, and speak to us --- Dr. Zhang is continuing to work on high dimensional biomedical data that could provide a more complete picture of genes, proteins and pathways to support placental development and healthcare research.


Dr. Jianhong Zhang
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